Green Capital Group S.A,. is specialized on production and trading all kind of Green Energy products, such as Biomass, Wood Chips, Wood Pellets etc.

G.C.G. is represented in many locations across Switzerland, Belgium, Spain and Scandinavian countries. Together with our considerable network of dealerships, consisting of over 30 partners, we are always there for our business partners and customers and are able to deliver our products from nearby.

Given our expertise in wood products, we have also established ourselves as a experts of all kind of energy products.

We are selling Wood Pellets for domestic and industrial use:

   1.   DINplus Pellets: Quality pellets guaranteed

The DINplus certification places specific and important criteria in the production of wood pellets. Wood pellets are defined according to DINplus by their diameter, abrasion resistance, water and ash content.

Parameters                           Unit                             DINplus
Diameter       mm    4 to 10
Length       mm     <5xd
Water content        %     ≤10,0
Abrasion        %     ≤2,5
Ash content        %     ≤0,7


2.   ENplus Pellets: the highest quality of pellets

The europe-wide ENplus certification regulates not only the quality of the product during the manufacturing process in the plant but also quality upto the delivery to the customer. ENplus pellets represent the highest quality, ideally suited for pellet stoves and heating systems. Only ENplus garantee a problem-free and safe heating operation.

Parameters   Unit  ENplusA1 German Pellets
Water content      %       ≤10           7,0-9,0
Abrasion      %       ≤2,3            <1,5
Ash content      %       ≤0,7            <0,5
Ash softening temperature      °C        k.A.          ca. 1400



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