GREEN CAPITAL GROUP S.A. is a duly organised green energy company under the laws of Switzerland with unlimited duration. The Company has its registered office at  Bv. Georges Favon 43,  1204 Geneva, Switzerland.

N° féd. CH-660.2.552.010-7

IDE CHE-116.108.299

Green Capital Group is a diversified  company engaged in five  primary business segments: Investment,  Energy,  Metals, Mining and Trading.

G.C.G. is  Switzerland based  company for several other companies in Finland, Norway, Germany, Belgium and Spain. These companies work in a various areas of international business and commodity trading but our main business field is based on renovable and enviromental friendly energy solutions (solar-, wind energy and bio mass) whereas we are consulting, promoting, developing and also financing projects based on this modern day pollution free energy technologies. In Spain we have a daughter company specialized for these energy solutions.

Green Capital Group is an international, renewable energy-focused company that develops sustainable energy, and forestry projects, and trades green energy products in Europe, Asia-Pacific, the U.S., and Latin America.

Green Capital Group, founded in 2010.


In Project financing we are working with our co-operative partners in China and Hong Kong, where we have also a representative agent.

Another strong area of business is precious metals and diamonds, whereas we are part owners of gold (also other metals) and diamond mines in West African countries and from there we are importing precious metals and diamonds mainly to Switzerland and Belgium where we are working with the major refineries and whole salers. We are also doing commodity trading, mainly with industrial metals (copper, nickel, aluminium, steel scrap) and occasionally with crude oil.

In Switzerland whereas we are working together with several private banks with long history.

Our working method is  highly discreet and private, but we have a world wide network of co-operative companies, banks, local agents and individuals with whom we have yearly long business relations.